Monday, July 8, 2013

RPi is planted

So I decided to take it upon myself to finally mount my pi/screen in my vehicle.
Here are the results, luckily the 'stang had an extra din slot for the old '00 radio that was replaced awhile back. I bought a 7"TFT of ebay for ~$30 here. I am currently looking into purchasing a digitizer for it (touch screen.)

So here we go:
In Figure 1 notice the radio in Din 3. (Counting the vents as Din 1.)
Figure1: Before
 I then proceeded to take out the center console. Depicted in Figure 2 and 3 below.
Figure 2
Figure 3

This allowed me to mount the stand for the screen. Figure 4 Also note the radio is now in Din4.
Figure 4

The screen is slightly larger then the Din available, in order to account for this I had to improvise. I made the mount able to tilt up and down. Figure 5 and 6 below.
Figure 5
Figure 6
 I have yet to wire everything into key-on power, but here is the near-end result. Figure 7 and 8. Running pi2go ...of course
Figure 7

Through the whole process I only lost one important bolt, I call that a win. Despite the fact it was for mounting the screen. :/

So.....let me know what you think. As always if your interested in the project follow this blog, add me to your circles, or follow github.

Just for fun in-progress photos:

Soon I will be adding Bluetooth support to the UI. I also fixed that pesky UI update issue by utilizing a QThread.

**For those that care:
Built on the RPi using python2.7, QT4, 7" TFTLCD Screen