Thursday, May 30, 2013

Turning In Style.....turn signals

Slowly making progress on pi2go so I thought I would take a break and show another project. You may be wondering "Life of an EE," why is he always talking about software and programming..........

Well I bring you an kd8bny original: Sequential Turn Signals. If you don't know what this is (or don't understand my explanation below) press here.

Basically a turn signal on a vehicle using more then one light will flash "in-sequence," one after another, depending on the direction.

ASCII art ->  ()()(*)  -> ()(*)(*) -> (*)(*)(*)    OR   (*)()()  -> (*)(*)() -> (*)(*)(*)

So in order to accomplish this I created a circuit using a 4528B Dual Monostable Multivibrator: datasheet. The original design utilized a basic decade counter but I changed the design feeling it was overcomplicated and stressed.

Figure 1
How She Works
As displayed in Figure 1 above the circuit is placed right between the turn signal line and the actual lights. The 4528 basically delays the signal by a fraction of a second creating staggering effect. The individual lights are controlled by 2 9530N Mosfets. In order to control the timing there are 2 trim pots (R1 and R2) in Figure 1. To install in a vehicle you need to tap into a separate +12V line just to power the circuit. If you do not it creates a constant resetting system.  (This is just a single side i.e. 2 are needed)

The Working Version

- Get a custom board printed
- Install them in the 'stang 

** If you want sch or brd files let me know, more then happy to share.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Well you asked for it (or maybe you didnt): My work to date on the RPi car computer, dubbed "pi2go."
Lots of pictures this time:
Figure 1
Figure 1 above displays the main screen, almost like a splash screen. I see an eventual clock going in the blank space on the right. (Will fix the scroll bars...bottom of todo list.) Pressing the tabs on the top bring the other pages. Pressing the "OBDII" tab bring the tab depicted below in Figure 2.
Figure 2
This window in Figure 2 will display a few stats from the OBD sensor. Right now all I have listed is an RPM meter. This is so I can solve one problem at a time working with a new/no-longer-updated library. Currently the button in the bottom right starts the OBD protocol. I am thinking of nixing that in a future release and having it auto start.
Figure 3
Figure 3 above shows the next tab "Car." As of this moment only 2 buttons exist "Fog Lights" and "Accent Lights." These currently toggle the mentioned lights.

The next tab shows "Settings" which right now is empty. The current plan is to display BT and scanning options for the OBDII sensor.

My OBDII sensor comes in Wednesday......Then I can really begin testing. Right now I'm kinda programming blind.

- Add welcome screen extras
- Incorporate more OBDII readings
- Use settings tab
- Music option (Left out until OBD is working correctly)

**For those that care
In python2.7 w/QT4 utilizing pyuic4 and Qt Designer all for RPi

- Follow the project here
   - Or right literally here (This blog )

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Conky Time!!!

Well this is one of my past projects ( of a week or so.) Probably wondering why I am writing such a late project, well my Raspberry Pi is down for the count. So here we go.

Conky is a cool little script service for Linux and BSD that allows one to monitor an entire system. The option are nearing endless because its ability to run bash straight from the config file (.conkyrc) Anyway here is what I did:
Styled like Google Now :P but fitted to match Ambience Ubuntu theme. Logos were included that match the system specs. I will save  you all and not go into the editing that took place however if you want to know, hit me up I will be happy to help out. 

If you love it (or think you can do better) here is the link to my files feel free to edit:  Linky

Credit for the Google Now weather style and functionality goes to : satya164

Good link on the GNow setup: Linky

**The customary for those who care
   Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail, AMD Phenom II X4 964 OC@3.8, w/Conky

Friday, May 17, 2013


I told you I would be flashing AOSP3+ earlier ....Well I did

So Halo....I know your like Daryl give it to me straight; well here it is:

Halo is a really cool addition to the PA (Paranoid Android) Rom allowing separate applications to open literally on top of your current running app.

The first figure shows the Halo icon in the upper left corner, next to quick settings. Clicking this icon will render the figure below.
As you can see Halo sits quietly on the left side. You can drag Halo to any location that pleases you. When a notification is pushed from Android System Halo pops out and can be pressed. (Sorry I have no screen shots of that, I was fighting an alpha build.) But if you want to see full functionality here is a great link.

Although Halo is in Alpha stage the functionality is incredible along with stability.

All in all Halo is an AWESOME feauture and I cant wait for it to head upstream PA. Until then I will wait patiently, or not so patiently, with PACman.

** For those that may be lost here are some links :)

Back to the Pi

Well I was going to brief you on the the results of Halo but I only had it going for a few hours.....but I really missed my AOKP features so went back to PACman. Ill go into more details later.

This Post is all about the Raspberry Pi. I had a new project idea; I wanted a working computer in my '00 mustang. All the new fancy cars have soooo why cant mine.

Needless to say I started working here is a preview picture (subject to change)
The big blank spot will be some sort of logo. The current plan is to have full music playback and mechanical features (lights, controls, etc...)

Let me know what you think, or even cool features.

**For those that care written in python 2.7 w/ QT4 utilizing pyuic4
    -- Check out the code

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flashing AOSPA

As you probably dont know I am an Android say the least. Well today I have decided to wipe the Nexus 4 of PACman and move to Paranoid Android. Why you ask; well because of Halo of course!!!

This new feature packed addition to PA allows true multitasking....and well quite frankly I'm bored. AOSPA

I let you know how it goes......