Saturday, May 18, 2013

Conky Time!!!

Well this is one of my past projects ( of a week or so.) Probably wondering why I am writing such a late project, well my Raspberry Pi is down for the count. So here we go.

Conky is a cool little script service for Linux and BSD that allows one to monitor an entire system. The option are nearing endless because its ability to run bash straight from the config file (.conkyrc) Anyway here is what I did:
Styled like Google Now :P but fitted to match Ambience Ubuntu theme. Logos were included that match the system specs. I will save  you all and not go into the editing that took place however if you want to know, hit me up I will be happy to help out. 

If you love it (or think you can do better) here is the link to my files feel free to edit:  Linky

Credit for the Google Now weather style and functionality goes to : satya164

Good link on the GNow setup: Linky

**The customary for those who care
   Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail, AMD Phenom II X4 964 OC@3.8, w/Conky

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