Thursday, May 30, 2013

Turning In Style.....turn signals

Slowly making progress on pi2go so I thought I would take a break and show another project. You may be wondering "Life of an EE," why is he always talking about software and programming..........

Well I bring you an kd8bny original: Sequential Turn Signals. If you don't know what this is (or don't understand my explanation below) press here.

Basically a turn signal on a vehicle using more then one light will flash "in-sequence," one after another, depending on the direction.

ASCII art ->  ()()(*)  -> ()(*)(*) -> (*)(*)(*)    OR   (*)()()  -> (*)(*)() -> (*)(*)(*)

So in order to accomplish this I created a circuit using a 4528B Dual Monostable Multivibrator: datasheet. The original design utilized a basic decade counter but I changed the design feeling it was overcomplicated and stressed.

Figure 1
How She Works
As displayed in Figure 1 above the circuit is placed right between the turn signal line and the actual lights. The 4528 basically delays the signal by a fraction of a second creating staggering effect. The individual lights are controlled by 2 9530N Mosfets. In order to control the timing there are 2 trim pots (R1 and R2) in Figure 1. To install in a vehicle you need to tap into a separate +12V line just to power the circuit. If you do not it creates a constant resetting system.  (This is just a single side i.e. 2 are needed)

The Working Version

- Get a custom board printed
- Install them in the 'stang 

** If you want sch or brd files let me know, more then happy to share.

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